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SentrySafe 7150 Dual Protection Safe in Review

The SentrySafe 7150 Dual Protection is a small safe with big features. Easily making it  the perfect security solution for any home. For more than more than 80 years Sentry Safe has been creating piece of mind and redefining protection for the things you value the most. With a wide variety of safe models, this company puts security first. They understand the potential for disaster, making them a premier choice for your security needs.

Getting started with the Sentry Safe 7150

The 7150 Dual Protection safe features a three digit recessed combination lock. As well as a low profile key lock to provide the utmost protection for anything you keep inside. Both they key and the combination code are needed to unlock the safe at all times. Making the safe incredibly secure and easily preventing any unauthorized access to the interior.

The 16 gauge steel cabinet and double plate steel door are both rugged and sturdy. This model also features two live locking bolts placed in strategically weak points along the door. As well as concealed hinges, strengthening and protecting against forced entry.

It features a reversible symmetrical design. Which will allow you to open the door from either the left or the right side. Which makes this safe incredibly versatile in its placement.

Installing the unit & dimensions

The flush, wall mounted 7150 Dual Protection  with a recessed lock are easily concealed behind furniture, pictures, and mirrors or even in the backs of closets. The most secure safe is one no one knows is there. Measuring in at 15.9 inches wide by 4.2 inches deep and 15.9 inches high. This model fits securely between 16 inch on center wall studs.

Coming in with a weight of just over 23 lbs, installation will be quick and simple. with the provided instructions and hardware and can it can be completed without any assistance.

It has an interior capacity of 670 cubic inches and has an interior size of 13.85 inches high by 13.85 inches wide and 3.75 inches deep. Since you won’t be storing any large fire arms inside of this safe, you will not need to worry about lack of space. This safe is built to hold smaller, valuable items.

Some people are concerned about the interior space in the particular model they chose, though any wall safe offers limited interior space. It also contains two removable shelves to keep your valuables organized as well as a 3 hook key rack. This safe provides all the personalization you need in order to secure valuables such as your spare cash, credit cards, jewelry, medication or important documents.

It’s great idea to buy now

There are many reasons to own a safe and providing protection for your valuables are on the top of the list. A safe is an invaluable purchase and will give you the peace of mind you need. Though small, this safe is the perfect option for the things you value most and is a great and secure addition to your home. Easily concealable and easy to install at a very reasonable price, the 7150 Dual Protection will give you the most for your money and exceed all of your expectations.