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How Safe Are Digital Wall Safes?

A lot of people think that if they spend hundreds of dollars on a wall safe that seems to be the best for you or any other kind of safe that they are automatically safe and secure from any kind of home invasion. This is not always the case because some safe manufacturers do not put effort and do not produce high-quality units.

This can be problematic because if you spend a lot of money and don’t buy insurance thinking that you don’t need it, you might run into some problems when a burglar breaks into your home and breaks open the safe and steals everything inside.

So how do you do with this? It is a fairly complex situation and not every single safe has a solution. What we recommend is that you read into our safe reviews on the site and then make her own decisions based off what you read.

There are many different methods to breaking into safes, and every single safe has its own weak spots. We will be going over some of the methods that burglars use in order to break into a safe and whether or not your safe is immune to these exploits.

Our advice: avoid digital locks

Digital locks are very easy to use and seem very modern compared to lock and key. What you may not realize, is what a lot of other people don’t realize, and that is anything digital or has computer programming to it can also be exploited and hacked into by anyone with advanced knowledge. Not even advanced knowledge, anybody that can look up a YouTube video and implement what they’ve learned into the real world can also be used to exploit your safe.

Some people will literally break into a safe just by dropping it on the ground. This means that you need to make sure that before you purchase a safe you are looking into how high can be dropped from without breaking open. If somebody drops it off of your bedroom balcony and it is two stories up, there’s a good chance that your safe will bust open. This is where wall safes come to shine simply because it will be very difficult for the burglar to remove the wall safe from the wall itself if it is properly installed.

Which is why we are advocating for wall safes and telling you to avoid digital safes. If a burglar can’t even remove the safe from the wall, they are limited trying to hack open the safe with an ax and or even a saw which is very difficult and very time-consuming. So time-consuming in fact, that it may not even be worth it for the burglar. It may dawn on the burglar that there may not be anything of interest to them on the inside.

But if a burglar sees a safe just sitting there and it is not bolted to the ground, and he also realizes that it is digital he is going to probably trying take it simply because it looks like an easy target.

Avoiding burglars who use the bounce method to open safes

As said earlier yes, it is very possible for somebody to break into a safe just by simply dropping it from high up in using the weight of the safe to crack itself open.
The only thing you need to be able to do to break open a safe using the balance method is be able to lift it and over a balcony, windowsill or anything else that is preventing you from dropping it down.

The bounce method is simply dropping the safe while turning the knob of the lock. This will result in the safe being jarred for a split second and if you time it just right, the safe opens easily.

This is why we strongly suggest that you properly install your new wall safe, you can check that out here. Or if you have any other kind of safe that is not bolted into the wall or floor, you should definitely be looking into bolting into that.

Last but not least, if you’re going to be spending hundreds of dollars on your safe and then storing thousands of dollars’ worth of valuable assets that you deem irreplaceable inside of it, then you should treat it as so. Do not cut corners when it comes to protecting your safes. Understanding the risks that come with your safe will help you in the long run.