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Best Wall Safe Reviews

Deciding on the best wall safe for yourself is a great idea. Having a safe is one of the most secure ways to protect your valuables from damage or theft. Keeping that safe hidden from unwanted eyes gives you an extra level of security.

Wall safes are made for that exact reason – to keep your most precious and valuable items safe and concealed. Be it a fire, flood or burglar, a discreetly placed wall safe will give you the peace of mind in knowing that only you know where your valuable belongings are.

A safe on its own provides a natural deterrent for thieves. Generally they want to grab your stuff quickly, and flee. Because safes are difficult to get into, and a thief really doesn’t know what’s inside, they typically won’t waste their time trying to get in. Almost any wall safe will be hidden and hard to find. Meaning thieves are less likely to find them and break into them. By keeping your hidden wall safe purchase and installation location to yourself, no one but you will ever even know it’s there.

Many of the top wall safe manufacturers also provide additional protective features. Aside from being burglar resistant, fireproof wall safes will give you even more comfort. Able to withstand extremely high heat from flames, your belongings will stay safe. Even the hottest house fires will have a hard time melting the steel.

Your everyday wall safes

Wall safes for home can be installed on, or in, almost any wall. The thickness of your wall does not matter. Nor the space you have to work with. There is a large or small wall safe that is sized to fit your needs perfectly. Before deciding on which product to buy, look, and take in all of the features of each item you are considering.

Types of Wall Safes

Finding the best wall safe depends on what your needs are, what you’ll be storing inside of it and the amount of space you have/need. There are a variety of different types to choose from. It’s important to know what exactly you need it for.

Wall Gun Safe

Specifically designed for safely securing your firearms and ammunition. A wall gun safe is made taller to accommodate the length of your guns, and is fitted with notched racks to keep your guns organized and easy to access. Many come equipped with quick key overrides for fast access when there is an emergency.

 Paragon 7725Stack-On IWC-55STACK-ON PWS-15522
view on amazon black tossthekeyview on amazon black tossthekeyview on amazon black tossthekey
wall gun safewall gun safe 1stack-on-pws-15522-tossthekey
Material TypeSteelSteelSteel
Dimensions19" (Height)
14" (Width)
4" (Depth)
54 3/4" (Height)
15 3/8" (Width)
3 7/8" (Depth)
20.6" (Height)
13.8" (Width)
3.8" (Depth)
Weight37 lbs.32 lbs.30 lbs.
Made For?HandgunsRifles & HandgunsHandguns
Warranty10 Years
3 Years
3 Years
Lock TypeDigital or KeyKeyDigital or Key

Biometric Wall Safe

When you need to quickly access your safe, for any reason, a biometric wall safe allows you to get into your safe with a simple and quick scan of your fingerprint. There’s no fumbling for keys or scrambling to put in a combination. Because you’re the only one who can unlock the safe with your unique fingerprint, there’s no fear of losing your keys or anyone else discovering your combination.

This is what you want to have installed in your home in the case of an emergency. Biometric technology almost always makes for quick and easy access. One quick swipe with your fingerprint and you now have access to your belongings.

 Viking VS-52BLXProtex FW-1814ZBarska Biometric
view on amazon white tossthekeyview on amazon white tossthekeyview on amazon white tossthekey
viking-security-safe-vs-52blx-biometric-fingerprint-hidden-wall-safe-tossthekeybiometric wall safe 1barska-biometric-wall-safe-tossthekey
Body MaterialSteelSteelSteel
Exterior Dimensions19" (Height)
14" (Width)
4" (Depth)
18.2" (Height)
14.1" (Width)
3.9" (Depth)
20.73" (Height)
15.5" (Width)
3.73" (Depth)
Weight45 lbs.29 lbs.29 lbs.
WarrantyN/A1 Year
1 Year
Lock TypeBiometricBiometricBiometric

Digital Wall Safe

Equipped with a digital keypad, this secure type of hidden wall safe is a tried, tested and a truly heavy duty safe. Locking bolts keep the safe door firmly shut, and the digital keypad allows anyone you give the access code to enter the safe. Without the need to program their fingerprints or duplicate keys.

 LockState LS-52ENHomCom Wall SafeSentrySafe 7150
digital wall safedigital wall safe 1digital wall safe 2
Body MaterialSteelSteelSteel
Exterior Dimensions20.67" (Height)
13.78" (Width)
3.74" (Depth)
19" (Height)
14.5" (Width)
4" (Depth)
15.9" (Height)
15.9" (Width)
4.2" (Depth)
Weight35 lbs.~ 25 lbs.23 lbs.
Warranty1 Year
N/AManufacturers Limited
Lock TypeDigitalDigitalDigital

What Makes Wall Safes So Great?

One of the greatest pros of wall safes is how they can be hidden in your home. No one but you will ever know it’s there. There are so many ways to hide your wall safe. Whether it’s behind a bookcase, hanging a picture over it, or even tacking up a poster over it. If you’ve kept your wall safe purchase and location to yourself, no one will even think to look for one. That alone is probably the best security feature a safe can give you, complete camouflage.

Like all other safes, the top rated wall safes can also give you the added protection of burglary resistance. As most are equipped with pry-resistant doors and deadbolt locking systems to keep unwanted people out. You can also find a wall safe designed to be fire resistant, so no matter what happens around them, your items will be well protected inside.


Hidden wall safes are generally flood resistant. If they are placed high enough in the wall, they will be out of reach of any flooding that may happen. This is an extremely important factor if you live in an area that is subject to floods. Or prone to natural disasters like hurricanes or tsunamis.

A good idea is to read some reviews on TossTheKey, and then read what other people are saying on Amazon. People will almost always give their honest opinion about the safe they have purchased and how it works for them and their needs.

Here Are TossTheKey’s Top 5 Wall Safes

Protex PWS1814E with Digital KeypadProtex PWS1814E with Digital Keypad

This burglar resistant wall safe comes equipped with a digital electronic locking system. The heavy duty, motorized chrome locking bolt system opens the door automatically, using the digital keypad. The two chrome bolts are a hefty ¾” in diameter.

This particular model is designed to be installed between wall studs that are 16″ apart. It is just as easy to install this unit when you are in the process of building your home, as it is to install it later on.

Protex wall safes are designed with a flange around their edge. You won’t need to repair or plaster around them if you’re cutting into your drywall for installation.

This is not a fireproof wall safe, although it is a fire resistant wall safe. For temperatures of 1200 degrees for up to 30 minutes.

Although there is no water resistance rating for this safe, placing it high enough on your wall will help keep it away from any water damage that may happen inside of your home or office.

The interior is lined with a high quality velvet, and has two removable shelves. On the face of the safe, the digital keypad lays flush with the door. This makes it easier to conceal, as there is nothing protruding from the door of the safe to interfere with something being placed right over it.

STACK-ON PWS-15522 Gun SafeSTACK-ON PWS-15522 Gun Safe

This wall safe for home, designed specifically as a gun wall safe has solid steel construction. Built with a pry-resistant steel door and an extra thick steel locking plate.

Inside, there’s a key rack and key tags for storing spare keys. It also has a document folder, which makes it is easy to store and organize important documents. Two removable shelves provide additional storage options.

This unit is one of the best wall safes you will find for the value at the price, especially now with over 60% off the regular price. The electronic keypad can be programmed to different users, and the beep can either be turned on or put on silent mode.

In case of emergencies, a key override lets you have immediate access to the contents of your safe. Because it’s designed for storing firearms, you may need to gain quick access. The key override allows you to do this.

The keypad does protrude ½” from the face of the door. The entire door itself is inset ½” from the surrounding flange, making the keypad essentially flush. This means you can place something flat over the safe to conceal it, without worrying about the object being pushed out from laying completely flat.

Protex FW-1814Z Fingerprint Wall SafeProtex FW-1814Z Fingerprint Wall Safe

The burglar resistant unit from Protex is a biometric wall safe with a fingerprint locking system.

One of the most sought after protection units because of its high level of security. The state of the art fingerprint technology allows for easy and fast access into your safe. Only programmed fingerprints are allowed to open this safe.

This biometric wall safe allows you to store up to 30 different fingerprints. Which could include several of your own, as well as different family members who you would want to have access. Should you not be around.

The fingerprint reader does stick out from the face of the safe door, less than 1″.

The motorized chrome locking bolts keep the door securely shut, and will open the door automatically when the safe is unlocked.

It’s still simple enough to conceal this wall safe using a wooden framed canvas. Since it would allow for some space in the back for the fingerprint pad to sit in, without causing the canvas to stick out from the wall.

It’s designed to fit right between two wall studs, 16″ apart. The flange around the edge lets you conceal the cut into the drywall that you’ll be making for installation, so you won’t have to do any repairs to the drywall.

This is also a great gun wall safe, since the biometric fingerprint access let’s you get into your safe in the case of an emergency.

AMSEC WFS149best wall safe 3

Weighing a hefty 151 lbs, this large wall safe is fairly deep at 10″, giving you 0.73 cubic feet of storage space. With a 5/5 rating from customers across the web, this is owned and trusted by many.

It’s easy to install, and the flange makes that installation even easier, because it lets you cover up any imperfections you may cut into the drywall.

The smooth mechanism on the dial and key set make this a highly recommended product, according to customer reviews.

This is also a fire resistant wall safe. Which adds an extra level of protection for your valuable items and documents that you are storing in it.

Because of the amount of space it offers, this is one of the best wall safes for the money. Since it allows for a lot of storage of a number of different items.

Barska Biometric Wall Safe, Beige – Best Wall Safe 2017Barska Biometric Wall Safe

This large wall safe features a biometric fingerprint scanner capable of storing up to 120 different fingerprints in its memory. Allowing you to give access to a number of different users.

Inside of this wall safe, there is an interior locking compartment. Opened with a key, for your most valuable items that you want to have even more limited access from others.

Designed for your important household items, such as medical supplies and personal valuables.

This large wall safe contains an interior LED light, removable shelf and fold out tray. Giving you more space to conveniently do what you need to do with your medications and supplies. Rather than having to take them to another spot.

The customer reviews of this safe state how easy it is to program and use, as well as the ease at which you can install it.

A flange surrounding the safe makes it even easier to install, because you won’t have to worry about making a precise, clean cut in the drywall to place your safe in. Nor will you have to patch up the drywall after. The flange will easily cover up any ugly looking cuts, giving a clean and finished look.

The biometric scanner and handle do stick out from the front door, but the safe can still be concealed if needed.

Using a canvas stretched over a wooden frame, where there is space in behind the canvas for the handle and scanner.

Final Thoughts on the Highest Rated Wall Safes

Wall safes for home are a great way to secure your valuables in a concealed manner. Safes are a great deterrent for thieves, but a hidden wall safe is even better because the thief will never even know it’s there. Like all other safes, in wall safes are designed with different purposes in mind. Knowing what you need one for, and more specifically what you will be using it for will result in you making an educated decision and not wasting any money.

Read more wall safe reviews on TossTheKey and look at the options of wall safes for sale to narrow down which is best for you. The best wall safe will suit your needs perfectly and give you the peace of mind that your items are secure and well hidden, yet easy to access if you should need them.