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SentrySafe SFW205GQC Digital Safe in Review

Sentry Safe SFW205GQC is a well-designed and heavy duty safe. The safe brings comprehensive security to your home. This large, all-steel safe protects important documents and valuable possessions against every plausible threat; burglary, fire and flood incidents.

With a combined electronic keypad and key lock, this security investment ensures you have all up to date technology. Sentry Safe offers solid and durable security that you can rely on. Very many customers before yourself who have bought Sentry Safe home safes have not been let down.

Fire resistant & ETL verified

Sentry Safe SFW205GQC offers advanced fire protection. With a thick all steel build that is UL classified for one hour of fire protection, this home safe can withstand extreme temperatures of
up to 1700F. The ETL verification also includes one-hour fire protection of CDs, DVDs, and USB drives.

The fireproof home safe can also withstand a 15 foot drop. It brace the impact when it collides with the ground. The safe will not open and your valuables will stay secure. Sentry Safe offers a fire protection guarantee. Which means you can get insurance for your valuables. In the rare event that your safe gets damaged, Sentry Safe will replace it free of charge.

Flood resistant

This safe also has the ETL verified sticker for water resistance. For up to 24 hours, the safe can withstand up to eight inches of water. If you are somebody who lives in an area prone to flooding, it is always important to ensure your safe has this ETL verified water proof sticker. Not having to worry about what Mother Nature throws your way and damaging your valuables being damaged makes life a lot less stressful.

A solid recommendation to ensure that your valuables have even more protection is to keep the safe off the ground. Put it on a shelf or even in your attic. Almost never will your valuables have water damage.

Burglary protection is great

Sentry Safe SFW205GQC consists of an all-steel construction to ensure your most valuable possessions are stored away securely. This heavy-duty safe features the following anti-burglary features

  1. 6 Large 1″ Locking Bolts
  2. Dual Digital Lock with a Backlit Keypad & Key Lock
  3. Pry-Resistant Hinge Bar

The 6 Large 1″ Locking Bolts are 60% bigger than those on traditional safes. This alone will make it nearly impossible for the average burglar to get into your belongings. The Dual Digital Lock is a double safety feature. Both sides of the lock have to be open. This results in a much harder code to crack and thus harder to get into. The Backlit Keypad & Key Lock are added luxuries to the home safe. The Pry-Resistant Hinge Bar makes it nearly impossible for somebody with only man power to break into the safe. With the 3 features discussed above on this safe; it will take multiple people with power tools to break into this safe.

Spacious & organized

Coming in at XX-Large size, Sentry Safe SFW205GQC is more than big enough to store and secure all of your valuable possessions. The dimensions on the safe are:

  • 19.3″ x 18.6″ x 23.8″
  • 139 Pounds

Another benefit of the size is it offers multi-position file organizers to allow you easily and efficiently store your stuff. As well a key rack, pocket and item compartment on the door for smaller items that can be easy to misplace. The safe also comes equipped with interior lighting for easy access.

Minor complaints

Sentry Safe SFW205GQC has received some minor complaints from customers. In their opinion, the safe was not as big as they had expected. Other customers commented that the handle is cheap and comes off easily. People who purchased the safe also complained about the desiccant packet being an annoyance inside of the safe. However; we as safe experts at TossTheKey would like to point out that these packets are simply to keep the air & valuables in the safe dry.

What We Thought of the Sentry Safe SFW205GQC

With modern security features and the best materials, this safe will have you covered from all angles. This home safe is a durable and reliable way to ensure all of your important documents and most valuable possessions are protected. Sentry Safe as a company is a leading provider in the security field. Being in business for over 80 years, we can ensure anyone looking to buy a safe the Sentry Safe SFW205GQC will not let you down.