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SentrySafe SFW123FUL, Big Bolt Safe in Review

The Sentry Safe SFW123FUL is a great security addition to any household. It is specially designed to securely protect all of your important and valuable possessions from burglary, fire incidents and water hazards. Being top of the line safe, it combines all of the best qualities into one safe; making Sentry Safe a reliable and durable investment.

Great fire resistance

The Sentry Safe SFW123FUL is one of the best fireproof home safes. It offers advanced fire protection to ensure that your most valuable belongings are secure from any fire incidents that may occur. This product is UL classified and has a one-hour fire rating, withstanding temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. The safe is also ETL verified for one-hour fire protection for CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and USB drives.

When you enrol in the Sentry Safe fire protection guarantee, you can receive insurance coverage in the rare event that your items are damaged. They will also provide a replacement safe free of charge.

Burglar resistant

With Sentry Safe, you no longer have to worry about your valuables when you leave your home. This product has all the qualities necessary to keep your valuables locked away:

  • A Thick All-Steel Design & Build
  • Pry-Resistant Hinge Bar
  • Electronic Locking System

The Sentry Safe even has four large bolts that are 60% bigger than other traditional safes. Also, it is ETL verified to survive a 15-foot drop, ensuring that the contents remain intact and locked safely inside. With multiple security features, unauthorized access to your most valuable possessions is made impossible.

Water resistance is there

The SentrySafe SFW123FUL provides protection in the event of a flood, with it being ETL verified water resistant for 24 hours. Withstanding up to eight inches of water. This will ensure your valuable possessions are not damaged or destroyed in any unpredictable incidents. With floods becoming more and more of a concern in recent years; it is inevitable for anyone shopping around for safes to make sure they purchase one that is water resistant.

Customers have praised Sentry Safe for providing enough space for all of their important belongings. It comes equipped with a multi-positional shelf for easy organisation, which can even be removed entirely for storing larger items. On the inside of the door, there are several hooks for hanging up valuables and also a pocket for additional storage. This enables all of your possession to be arranged just as you like them. There is even interior lighting for easy access.

The Sentry Safe has received a few negative reviews by customers. In our/their opinion, the safe can get damp and musty inside. The insulation that is used to make the safe fire-resistant can cause it to collect moisture. But, this product includes a desiccant packet and it should be opened every two weeks to ensure no dampness.

You may not be able to to store some items. All of this information is included in the Sentry Safe SFW123FUL Big Bolt user manual. Another complaint is about not being able to change the lock combination. Sentry Safe has stated that this is for your own security.

Strongly built and worth the money

This safe is not a one-dimensional product; it combines anti-burglary, fireproof and water resistant qualities into one secure safe. Sentry Safe has provided a personal vault, to store and protect all of your most personal and valuable items. This company is a leading provider in the security field, being in business for over 80 years. With Sentry Safe, you are guaranteed a durable and reliable home safe.