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Honeywell 5207 Digital-Dial Safe in Review

The Honeywell 5207 Digital-Dial Steel Security Safe is manufactured by LH Licensing Products. “LHLP” leverages premium consumer brand power to deliver innovative solutions to meet consumer needs. This company has established a tradition of quality and service, with over 80 years of expertise.

The Honeywell brand is a long standing company that creates solutions to improve the quality of life. Plus safety and security of people around the globe. With these two companies you know your quality and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Breaking down the 5207 Digital-Dial Safe

The 5207 Digital-Dial model utilizes the new and cutting edge technology of digital dial locks. With an LED light display that indicates the dial position. As well as a dual lock with companion entry key that makes it easy for you to access the contents, but difficult for criminals to breach.

The digital dial lock has a sleek and clean look. This matches the impressive and durable black powder coated finish over its sturdy solid steel design. Included is two emergency override access keys. To ensure you have access to its contents when you need it the most. The safe uses five (2-digit) numeric access codes that are incredibly easy to program, but incredibly difficult to crack. The lock uses 4 AA batteries that are included. With the average battery life lasting usually up to 400 hours.

Interior Design & Exterior Construction

The 5207 Digital-Dial also boasts a spacious 2.73 cubic foot interior storage capacity. The interior measures –

  • 14.8″ in width
  • 15.5″ in depth
  • 20.4″ in height

Additionally, the unit includes interior carpeting. As well as two sturdy shelves that are removable. This safe is the perfect size to store plenty of items such as hand guns, valuable jewellery, electronics, medication and important documents.

The removable shelves allow you personalize it and organize it to suite your needs. And thanks to the interior carpet, you can rest assured that none of your valuables will be scratched or damaged. The flat bottom doorway with hidden hinges and recessed door are incredibly secure. This will prevent anyone with even
tools trying to gain unauthorized access. The safe also includes a bolt down mounting kit with pre drilled holes. Weighing 60 lbs, this safe is easy to install on your own.

With exterior measurements only 15″(W), 18″(D) and 21.6″(H) this safe is also easy to conceal. In cabinets, under desks, on a shelf or inside your closet. The most secure safe is one that no one knows is there.

Overall – great investment

Both sturdy and easy to set up and use, the Honeywell 5207 Digital-Dial Steel Security Safe is the perfect choice for those looking for an easily programmable safe that offers plenty of room as well as defence. Sleek and stylish as well as spacious and secure this is the perfect security solution to any home or office. With both impressive features and a reasonable price tag it really is the best safe for the money.