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Decide What Features Your New Safe Needs

There are a lot of different features that you can choose from in today’s home safe market. A lot of the top of the line safes on the market will probably have just what you’re looking for on the inside of it. Today, we are putting together this article to help you get an idea as to what you would like to have your new home safe to have.

Shelves – 1 shelf, 2 shelves, no shelves?

This is something that can be difficult to decide. For every shelf on the inside of a safe, that is less room for you to stack cash, documents or other valuables inside of it. For most people, we highly recommend that you get at least one shelf. This helps keep things organized, which is crucial if you are trying to get your items out quickly.

Keep in mind that some shelves can be pulled out of the safe altogether. If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll need a shelf or shelves, then this will probably be the way you should go. Versatility is a big deal when it comes to home security, and this situation is no different.

Pry resistant hinge bar – Highly recommended

A pry resistant hinge bar is a self-explanatory feature. If you are still unsure, then it quite simply it is a way of making the hinges on your safe door pry resistant. It’s incredibly difficult to pry open the safe with a crowbar or hammer if this mechanism is in place.

While there is quite a few other important anti-burglar features to keep an eye for, this is definitely one of the most important. SentrySafe is great for having these resistant hinge bars in place.

These mechanisms don’t really add much to the price, giving you an even better reason to make sure that your next safe has one in place.

Key racks, door trays & door pockets – A big yes

All of the features listed in the above heading come placed on the safe door. This is a great move by the safe manufacturing companies to make use of any leftover space.

Basically these 3 features were designed to help you store the smaller, and easier to lose items in a more efficient and wise manner. The key rack is a rack on the door for you to place the not so commonly used keys in your house. The door tray is a great place to store smaller documents and small amounts of cash. The door pockets are places that can hold smaller pieces of jewelry or anything else like that.

A lot of safe manufacturing companies at the top of the market these days provide these on the door features. If you’re going to be spending a few hundred on a new top of the line safe, make sure it has these features. They make a world of difference.

Carpet lining, felt lining or just steel?

If you are someone who is going to be storing old jewelry or anything that is subject to scratches, you should definitely make sure that you get a safe with carpet or felt lining. Between the two, there isn’t a really huge difference. The main difference is that normally felt is softer than carpet.

As with any other feature, felt and carpet may run you some extra cash. So, if you are planning on storing just paper documents and cash, then you definitely will not be needing carpet or felt on the interior. It would be overkill at that point.

Any other feature of interest to you is worth the extra cash

There is a lot more features than the few listed in this article. Something we recommend, is that if you come across a feature or anything else that makes you want to buy a safe, even if it costs more, get it. You should definitely not cheap out when it comes to buying a safe.

And if you think a certain feature will make your life easier, by all means, it will be worth the few extra dollars.