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More Than One Safe – Is It Necessary?

To the people who are paranoid of having all of their eggs in one basket, you will want to look into getting more than one safe. This is something that is often not talked about simply because most people don’t have the funds to fund this sort of thing.

With that being said, having more than one safe can result in protection against fires, burglars and even allow you to have more space to store stuff. It is a win-win, if you have the money. We have an article dedicated to buying a safe that will work out great for your household. You can make two quick purchases using that list.

Documents in one safe, money in the other

As the heading suggests, having more than one safe can allow you to separate important items or assets you have stored away. If you are the victim of a home invasion, it is important to remember, that should the burglar yank your safe from your home, they now have a chance at getting at all of your valuables.

But, what happens if there are two safes in the home? And even better, if one is a brightly colored decoy in a normal spot that burglars regularly check through and the other hidden in a spot in the house that only you know about. The burglar grabs the decoy, normally a cheaper model of safe, and gets away with nothing.

That is one scenario, the other being that you have your valuables and assets divided. Keep your cash all in one safe, or in two safes, and keep your valuable documents all in one safe, or divided between two safes. All of those scenarios work.

In theory it works, but is it really necessary?

At the end of the day, to most people, this theory of having more than one safe in your home can be overkill. For the people who need a little bit extra to feel safe, this is a great idea. It all comes down to how much money you have left over for ideas like this, and whether or not you live in an area that is prone to burglary and theft.

Space is always an issue inside of homes as well. Living in a smaller home can be a bit of a squeeze as it is. If you are living in a small home, you may want to reconsider if you are considering taking action on this idea. Tripping over a safe does not sound like fun to us. Hiding two safes will also be a lot more difficult if you only have a little bit of extra space. Safe in the kitchen cupboard? No thank you.

The last thing we would like to mention, is if you are planning on doing this, make sure you have a good memory. We would recommend having a two different models of safes, and with that you will need to remember two different pass codes on the two different safes.

We would recommend digital safes as you will only need to have the number sequence written down somewhere on a piece of paper. We wouldn’t recommend having two keys to two different safes. Simply because like most people, you probably keep all of your keys together. Meaning if you lose one, you lose all of them.

If you have any other ideas regarding this theory, feel free to contact us.