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What You Should Store Inside Your Safe at Home

Keeping cash in at your safe at home is standard practice. Even if you live in a nice neighbourhood, it is a good idea. Should your house ever go up in flames or be flooded, any industry standard safe will withstand the abuse dealt to it for long enough that you can secure it. Having cash on hand is a really good idea as well. You never know when your debit or credit cards may go missing.

But what else can you keep in there? Surely there’s more to a safe than just cash and jewellery. It is simple really. Anything that you won’t be using a lot, like everyday items, that are valuable, should be kept in the safe. It comes down to safe rather than sorry.

Store Important Documents – And Keep Them Dry!

We all have our important documents. Birth certificates, social security papers, tax write-off’s, mortgages – you get the idea. So first things first, don’t keep the important documents out in the basement or the kitchen cabinet, store them. Make sure the safe at home you’re using has a solid dehumidifier in it, and you will be just fine. Dehumidifiers can also extend the life of your safe – something to keep in mind.

A lot of time, there will be pouches on the door of the safe. These are perfect for documents. You won’t have to worry about them getting crumpled up or ripped, and they won’t move unless you move them. Sometimes when you store documents on the same shelf as your cash or other items, they can get moved around and fall out of the safe.

Keep in mind you probably don’t need to store every document related to money. Anything that might get you in some hot water should it go missing is what you should store in safety.

Guns Can Go in A Safe at Home – Just Be Careful

While we don’t exactly recommend this one, should you not have an actual safe for guns to store your firearms in, the safe at home should do just fine. But because these safes aren’t designed to hold firearms, you have to make sure that the firearm is not loaded prior to putting it in the safe.

Any kind of firearm that is without the safety on and has bullets in can be a fatal mistake for anyone who is unprepared for it.

Of course, you won’t be able to store a rifle in a 3 cubic foot safe, but a pistol will normally fit just fine. A lot of people have pistols over rifles anyway, so not being able to fit a rifle in the safe won’t apply to everyone.

Settle Your Children’s Disputes – Quick & Easy

Ever had your kids in the middle of a fight over a toy and you’re unsure how to handle it? Well, simply take the toy away and put it in the safe at home. Problem solved. Let the conflict blow over, each child goes their own way for a bit and just like that the problem is no more.

This works great because if the kids see the toy go in the safe, and see you lock the safe, they will know it is gone until you decide it comes out. It is solid proof to them that they won’t be touching the toy any time soon, and that you aren’t budging on any kind of negotiation.

There Are No Rules to What You Securely Store

Simply put – put whatever you want in the safe. As long as it won’t be hazardous to anyone, you don’t have anything to worry about. If you want to store that last $3 of yours that is buying lunch tomorrow, do it. If you want to store the last cookie so your family doesn’t eat it, do it.

There are no boundaries as to what can be held inside. And that is the great thing about be a safe owner. Anything you deem valuable can be safely stored. Take full advantage of it.