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Get A Longer Safe Life Using These Simple Tricks

Purchasing a safe for home is often a hefty investment for most. Anything over $250 for a lot of people will often have them feeling uneasy, and unsure if they are making the right purchase.

What is important to remember is, a safe is the perfect place for you to store everything that is valuable to you. There is no need to be worrying about what will happen to your invaluable items if and when someone decides to make your home the victim of home invasion. So with that, here are 3 quick tips on how to get the most out of your home safe.

Put it up high

This is a great way of avoiding any disasters that will make you feel like you could have done so much more to prevent the damage. This suggestion is especially good for people who live in areas prone to flooding.

As the header suggests, put your safe up high and out of the way of where you think water would be able to reach it, should you have your home go through a flood. This can be anything from bolting it to a wall – out of site, putting it in a cabinet, or even putting it on top of a cabinet.

The only time a home is going to flood to the point of the water reaching the cabinets is in the case of an extreme hurricane. But, at that point, you’re going to be losing a lot more than just your home safe.

Treat it like an item that costs a lot of money

To some this may be common sense, to others, this might be never heard before news. When you buy something that is worth a fair amount, you should treat it accordingly. Why spend hundreds of dollars on an item and not make the most out of it? With that being said, keep your safe at home nice and clean. Regularly check up on it and clean it up. Dust and dirt can really add up.

Another important thing to do is every time you are using the safe, is to make sure it is fully functional and has zero security flaws. Any home security company will more than likely have a fair and broad warranty is place. Meaning, should something go wrong with the safe and its functionality, you are probably covered under warranty.

The last thing is to make sure your children don’t go anywhere near it. Kids are great, but things have a tendency to get broken when they are playing around. Make sure you don’t come home from work to a broken safe and “nobody” in the house has any idea on what happened.

Keep it hidden – Out of sight, out of mind

This is crucial. Believe it or not, the best protection you can ever do for yourself in keeping your safe out of harm’s way is to not let anyone know you have on. And more importantly, where it is located. If a home invader gets into your home, they are going for the most valuable thing they can find which they can pawn off for quick cash. Seeing a safe out in the open to a burglar is like a potential gold mine.

Keep it hidden. In the back of a dark closet, in the basement or even out in the garage behind your tools. There are tons of good hiding spots for a safe on your property. Find one and use it to your utmost advantage.