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Does Color Matter When Purchasing A Safe?

For a lot of products, color is important. You won’t be buying a pink vehicle if you despise that color anytime soon. Same with your next phone, you are probably going to be buying the phone in the color that it comes in which you like the most.

But what about security products? Specifically, top rated safes for your home. Do you really need to worry about the color of it? We have broken out why and why you don’t need to worry about the color below.

The darker the color, the easier it is to hide

There is a reason why burglars wear dark clothing, normally black. It is because at night, the dark clothes are harder to see. They blend in with the surroundings and allow the burglars to sneak on by.

Normally when burglars break in, they are not going to turn the lights on. It just doesn’t happen. With that being said, unless they have amazing eye sight, a lot of stuff will go unnoticed simply because they can’t see it. However; you should invest in a safe with at minimum, industry standard anti-burglary rating.

This is a great reason to buy a safe for home use in a darker color. If it is hidden away in not very lit place, or an area which has zero light, then it will blend right in. Matter of fact, it will look like part of the building it is in. Safes are normally box shaped, and when it is dark and burglars don’t have night vision goggles, it can look like any other kind of box.

This is the main reason why you want to worry about the color of your safe. It can be the difference between a home attack perpetrator taking notice of it and snatching it up, or walking right on past it.

Some oddly colored safes are more expensive

This is another reason in favor of buying a darker colored safe. Normally, for almost anything paint related, dark colors are less expensive because they are more common. And for anything besides cars, those darker colors can sometimes even be cheaper simply because they are less desirable. It is not too often you walk into a home with black walls.

Safes that are built to be used at home are almost always pure steel. This is not only great for protection, but also because steel is a darker color almost always. This means that often the manufacturer of the safe won’t even have to paint the safe. Meaning they won’t tack on that extra charge to the price tag, which will result in you paying more out of pocket.

Some companies will paint their safes crazy colors. We have seen hunter green, fire engine red and other, tamer colors like blue, white and beige. These, to us, are more for the eye appeal. And if you are not careful you may be buying a safe where the company has spent more time visually customizing the safe and not enough attention to the security.

This may matter to people worried about visual appeal

Everybody buys different products for different reasons. Maybe you are someone who cares about looks above anything else, there is nothing wrong with that.

With that being said, maybe you will want to buy a safe with a nice color to it. So you can show it off to your trusted friends and family. Or so maybe you can blend it in with the theme of your furniture inside of your house. All of these are valid reasons and are something to think about.

Additionally, if you are someone who has a fair amount of money to spend, then you could even use a brightly colored safe as a decoy. This is really good to do because you could spend $100 on a safe, put it out in the open and have that one be taken. And not the one that has the actual valuable items in it.

Of course this is a farfetched idea, and not too many people will do this one. Living in an area that is prone to robberies can lead people to doing crazy things to protect themselves. And spending $100 on a safe is a good way to deter safes from the true treasures of your home.

From TossTheKey – security first

From the writers here at TossTheKey, we all agree that you should prioritize security when purchasing any kind of home security product. Yes, a big black box may not be the prettiest object to look at, but in reality, that ugly box may be a better security option then the safe that matches your furniture.

At the end of the day, buying a safe for home use is a great way to give yourself some peace of mind. So, our best advice to give is go for the darker colors. And then store the unit in a darker area.

Functionality and security wins over looks in this one. And so does not losing anything valuable in the event of a home invasion.