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Best Home Safe Reviews

Finding and choosing the best home safe for yourself isn’t a difficult task. You need to simply know what you’re looking for, and how much you want to spend. Specially designed and sized to fit small spaces, these units are made specifically to protect your valuables at home.

Whether you’re looking to protect expensive items, important documents or precious family keepsakes. A small home safe or large home safe will give you the protection and peace of mind you’re looking for. And this alone is a good enough reason to find the best home safe out there.

No one ever wants to think of anything unfortunate happening to their home and their belongings. These things do sadly happen to some people at some point in their lives. Preparing ahead of time by using the protection of home safes will give you the protection you and your family needs. If you’re looking for safes based on brand, be sure to check out our Sentry Safe reviews and guide here!

Home Safes Chart

Safe NameViking Security Safe VS-50BLXMesa Safe MBF2620C All SteelSentrySafe SFW123BSCSentrySafe SFW205GQC
Safe TypeBiometric, FingerprintCombinationFingerprint, ElectronicElectronic Lock
Weight43 pounds209 pounds91.9 pounds139 pounds
Safe Dimensions12" x 14" x 20" in22" x 22" x 26.5" in12.6" x 11.9" x 13.8" in18.6" x 19.3" x 23.8" in
Number of ShelvesThreeTwoOneOne
Safe NameMesa Safe MBF1512C All SteelHoneywell 5207 Digital-Dial SteelSteelwater AMSWELParagon 7800 Electronic Fire Proof
Safe TypeCombinationDigital DialDigital DialDigital Dial
Weight140 pounds61.7 pounds143 pounds74 pounds
Safe Dimensions18.8" x 17.2" x 20" in15" x 18" x 21.6" in20 7/8” x 17 1/8” x 17 5/16” in19" x 14 3/4" x 16" in
Number of ShelvesOneTwoOneOne

What is so special about home safes?

Home safes are built to last and be incredibly secure. If a home safe cannot stand a burglar hacking at it, then it is useless to you. There is no need for them to look nice; they just need to be durable. Failure to be durable and secure will not reward good results in the event of a home invasion.

Any reputable safe company knows that your main concern is to protect your valuables at home. Not with the way they look. So they focus their efforts on designing and creating the most protective and secure products possible. If you secure any small home safes right inside of a cabinet, no one will ever know it’s there. You’ll have comfort in knowing your valuables are safe and secure. We’d recommend that you separate valuables from firearms, however. If you’re interested in a firearm safe guide, click here.

Weigh your options and check out home safes reviews right here on TossTheKey to get a better idea. There’s a good chance we’ve already given a safe you’re interested an in-depth look.

Types of home safes

The type of house safes you choose depends entirely on two factors. What you’ll be storing in it and where you want to put it. After that, your preferences will determine which exact model is the best home safe for yourself. Some of the best small safes out on the market right now might be your best option because they are so easy to hide. If you are not looking to store away a lot of stuff, make sure you keep in that mind. Your #1 defense to protecting your safe is making sure no one ever finds it.

Cabinet Safe

Cabinet safes are designed to be bigger and hold more than their regular home safe counterparts. Usually a bit pricier than the conventional safe, they are well worth the money.

Often coupled with higher and up to date security features, they are crucial for people who need that extra bit of security to feel comfortable. Mesa Safe Company makes great cabinet safes that you can check out here.

Regular Box Shape Safe

These are the safes you see almost everywhere. Those little black boxes that you’ve probably always wondered what was inside. These are obviously a bit smaller than the cabinet safes, but are equally as strong. Your safe for home will probably be in this shape as it is the most convenient. Be prepared to spend a little bit more if you are looking for a different shape. Safes for home come in all different shapes and sizes, but this regular box shape is by far the most popular build.

Depending on what you’re looking for, the smaller models may be what you’re after. Or if you’re limited in space to put a unit, then one of these will definitely be a great purchase for you to make. Stack-On makes great square shaped safes that you should check out.

Pros of a properly constructed home safe

The last thing you want to think about is having something terrible happening to your home and everything inside. But, the reality is, bad things can happen. Having the protection you need in place can ease your mind tremendously.

Home safes these days are constructed with the highest amount of security in mind. Being a multi-billion dollar marketplace, the security industry is incredibly competitive. There is no room for junk safes. Companies understand this, and have stepped up to the plate accordingly.

Fire Protection

A scary fact is that about a 25% of people will fall victim to a house fire that’ll require fire fighters to intervene. Fires are devastating. Having your most valuable and irreplaceable items at home safe and sound from fires will make life a lot less stressful.

Generally, the top of the line brands design their products to endure 30 minutes or more of fire exposure. Which is plenty of time for the fire to pass over your safe. Leaving the contents untouched.

If you’re somebody who lives in an older house more prone to fires, or you just worry about your home going up in smoke, then you should definitely keep fire resistant home safes in mind.

Burglar Resistant

Any top of the line safe will provide more security against a home invasion than anything else out there. And if it’s hidden away, there is a high chance that a burglar won’t even find it. So, with that being said, if you’re living in a not so safe area, an easy to conceal unit might be the best home safe for you.

According to FBI, it is shown that burglars will tend to go for things that are easy to grab and run away with. The obstacle of having to open a safe, without knowing what’s inside, is usually enough to deter a burglar. Additionally, having the safe bolted down will almost make the odds 100% in your favor of the thief leaving it behind.


Flooded houses caused by mother nature or bursting pipes is something no one wants to experience. The industry’s best manufacturers understand this, and have given water protection high priority. Any one of the best safes on the market right now will have waterproof protection in place. You should never buy a safe unless it has water proof protection. Even if you live in a desert. If you’re just looking for protection from water, we recommend a safe that will go into your wall. There are so many units out there with this basic security function in it that will protect you in the event of a major flood.

With changes in weather patterns, we’re seeing more and more extreme weather. Including heavier rainfall and more frequent flooding. Water resistant home safes are able to withstand being submerged in water for different lengths of time. This is dependent on the water proof seal and design of the individual safe.

Inexpensive To Buy

Prices vary from safe to safe. In general, home safes are very affordable. Consider it as an investment. You are protecting valuables that may be irreplaceable. Or you have a tangible asset like paper money on the inside. Any house safe, (or “homesafe” as some people like to spell it) should be looked at as a piece of equipment used to protect your invaluable objects. Never be afraid to sped some money if it means you will protect yourself from saving a lot in the event of a home disaster.

Spend $400 one of the best safe for home, and protect items that are worth as much as $100,000. Finding the best home safe for your living situation is an incredible investment It’s that simple.

Tips on properly securing your valuables

It’s best to bolt down your home safe in a hidden and discreet area. Even though it’s not going to move anywhere, you don’t want to leave it in the open. The best home safes are well protected against burglary, but it’s better not to leave them in plain sight as a temptation to burglars during a home invasion.

Besides that, a safe for home isn’t particularly nice to look at. Giving you another reason to put it in an off to the side, discreet location. Because they’re made for to sit inside of a house, home safes are generally smaller in size than their commercial safe counterparts. Which makes them easier to fit into smaller, more hidden spaces. The downside to the smaller size in these safes is they are much lighter and easier to move. To correct this issue, they are often constructed with mounting holes right in them. Making  it easy to anchor down, keep them secure and nearly impossible to move.

Finding the best home safe for yourself

If you’re looking into more security at home, whether it’s in a cabinet style or box shaped safe, think about what you’ll be using it for. As well where you’ll want to put it. Having a good understanding of what you need is important. It allows you to make an educated decision on which unit is the best one for yourself.

Here Are TossTheKey’s Top 5 Home Safes

#5 – BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

The well known Barska safe company has created Large Biometric Safe. Using their advanced biometric technology. This safe is the go to for anyone who wants to be able to open their safe with the push of a button. Check out our biometric firearm safe guide right here if you’re in the market for a good place to store your firearms.

You will be able to store up to 120 fingerprints. Which is great if more than a handful of people will be accessing the safe. If it is just you, then you can be at ease knowing there will never not be enough space for your fingerprints.

On the inside there is 2 adjustable shelves with a protective floor mat. Huge for people that like things organized. 2 manual keys for backup as well. And of course, the pre-drilled holes that will allow you to secure your safe to any wall or floor. The AA batteries will last for up to 2 years.

Care and maintenance is easy for this safe. Just wipe the fingerprint scanner consistently to make sure the scanner is always working. Low battery is indicated by 3 beeps and a flashing red light. Keep in mind the beeping can be silenced, allowing a noise free entry.

The outer dimensions of the Large Biometric Safe are:

  • 14″ (Length)
  • 13″ (Width)
  • 75″ (Height)

Weighing in at 47.6 pounds, it is light enough to easily move around by yourself. The jet black color makes for easy concealment and looks very slick.

#4 – SentrySafe SFW205GQC Digital Safe | XX-Large 

Providing reliable protection from fire, impact and water damage. The SFW205GQC Digital Safe makes sure your valuables will be kept secure in your home. No matter what may happen.

6 solid, 1″ bolts, which are 60% larger than bolts on most safes. Along with a pry-resistant hinge bar keeping the safe door firmly shut.

Tested for fire resistance, this unit is fire resistant verified. Keep your documents, records and digital items safe from fire and heat scorching as high as 1700 degrees for a full hour.

When you add insurance protection through the SentrySafe Fire Protection Guarantee, your fire-resistant product will be replaced if you do happen to be the victim of a fire. It can be dropped from 15 feet, while still staying shut and keeping its contents protected through the impact.

In case of flooding, this home safe can protect what’s inside for 24 hours while sitting in 8″ of water. If you live in an area prone to frequent flooding, this may be the best home safe. 2017 brought many new models, and this is one of them. You need to be able to get out of a flooding situation in a hurry – without having to worry about your valuables. This unit gives you that luxury of saving yourself.

On the outside, it’s has a dual digital lock with backlit keypad. On the inside, there’s a door pocket, key rack and a compartment to store your smaller items.

#3 – Mesa Safe MBF1512C | All Steel Burglary and Fire Safe

From Mesa Safe’s Burglary and Fire Safe line, this unit is quite versatile. Mesa makes great safes. They’ve been around for awhile and have all of the bases covered.

Offering protection for your valuables and documents, as well as your firearms. The features of this safe give you protection from break-ins and fires. Because of its thick steel build, this may very well be the best fireproof safe. Amazon carries the model as well. Mesa has been around for awhile and know their stuff. You can be 100% certain your belongings are surviving in the event of a home fire.

Also included is 3 solid steel locking bolts and deadbolts. All reinforcing the 4 ½” thick solid door. Which is lined with fire resistant materials. The rest of the safe’s body is 1 ¾” thick steel plate, also lined with the same fire resistant protection.

4 anchor holes allow you to secure your safe to the ground, making it virtually impossible to move. Should it be moved, it received a factory tested 2 story impact rating. It won’t be opened very easily at all.

Tested and rated to withstand 2 hours of 350 degree temperatures. As well as being tested in up to 1830 degree heat, this safe keeps your belongings protected with it’s heat activated seal.

The Mesa Safe MBF1512C comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is finished in a Hammered Grey all steel construction.

Inside the safe is a fully upholstered, adjustable and removable shelf. Protection from burglars and fire, as well as the versatility to protect all of your various items at home, makes this Mesa Safe a great home safe.

#2 – SentrySafe SFW123BSC Fingerprint Safe | X-Large

This state of the art unit comes equipped with a programmable fingerprint scanner and digital keypad entry to provide different options for entry. This fireproof home safe will allow you to never have to worry about your belongings succumbing in a fire. This is what we call a “set and forget” type model. Set it up, forget about it – it’s ready to be used whenever.

It’s also able to safeguard your valuables from fire and water. Tested to hold out against fires blazing at 1700 Fahrenheit temperatures for up to an hour.

Even from a 15 foot drop, or through 8 inches of water, this SentrySafe SFW123BSC model stays firmly shut and sealed. Protecting everything inside from whatever is happening on the outside.

Other features on this product that are really important to note:

  1. Key Rack – For keys not regularly used
  2. Door Tray – To hold slim items
  3. Door Pocket – For small items that could easily be misplaced

#1 – SentrySafe SFW123CS | Big Bolt Safe

With 1.2 cubic feet of space, the SentrySafe SFW123CS Fire Safe is ideal for protecting all of your items from anything that could happen to the exterior of the safe.

The combination dial means you won’t ever have to worry about replacing batteries. No one will get inside this safe without knowing the combination. The pry-resistant hinge bar and steel bolts reinforce the hefty door. Adding another level of secure protection.

In terms of protection, it’ll guard against fire as hot as 1700 degrees for an hour. Keeping your digital items from harm.

The safe can be dropped from 15 feet with the contents remaining intact. Without worry that the door will open on impact.

In the case of a floor, it can hold up against 8 inches of water for a full 24 hours.

Inside this model of safe, there’s a key rack, door tray and door pocket for storing smaller items which are easily misplaced.

Choose what’s best for you & your wallet

Choosing which safe is best for you will all depend on how you’re going to use it. Ask yourself what you’ll be storing inside of it, where you plan on putting it, and if there are any other important features that you would like it to have. Finding the best home safe for yourself is more about thinking about what you need, not what the safe manufacturers want you to have.

All of these great options provide you with excellent protection from fire, water and theft. All equally important, but depending on where you live and what kind of home you live in will determine the priority of them.

Whether you choose the old style combination dial or the newest programmable fingerprint and digital keypad, it all depends on what you prefer. Consider also the home safes reviews of those who already have experience with a particular safe, a good place to check is Amazon.

Depending on those different things that you prefer, will determine what the best home safe ends up being for you.