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Best Dorm Safe for Sale

Going off to college is a huge deal, and for someone that’s actually moving away from their parents and wants to bring something to remind them of, you’re going to want a good form safe for college. Without, you may be worrying about sentimental or important items back at your best dorm room safe while you’re working. Instead of working and un-focusing yourself from your work, you should have a plan set in mind; hopefully that plan includes investing in a good form safe for college. While you should be able to trust your dorm mate, that’s not always the case – better safe than sorry.

Dorm Safe Chart

Safe Name
AmazonBasics Security Safe
SentrySafe Security Safe
Stack-On PS-1508 Extra Wide Safe
Honeywell 5105 Low Profile Steel Safe
Safe Type
Digital / Dorm Room / Office
Digital / Dorm Room / Office
Digital / Dorm Room / Office
Digital / Dorm Room / Office
16.5 pounds
24 pounds
31.2 pounds
32.1 pounds
13.8" x 9.8" x 9.8" in
14.6" x 16.9" x 8.9" in
21.2" x 15" x 9" in
15.8" x 19.5" x 8" in

Dorm Room Essential

A good form safe is a dorm room essential from storing money you’re trying to keep away to your jewelry that you don’t want to be taken while you’re out of your room. Sure, you allow your roommate to borrow your cheap jewelry and some of your outfits, but naturally, there are some things that are off limits. Those exact items should be placed in the best dorm safe for college to ensure that boundaries aren’t crossed and the most sentimental items to you aren’t broken or taken without your consent.

Money is also essential during college. If you want to save and store a form of cash within a safe to make sure that you don’t spend it while you’re out, you may want to place here. It’s hard to save in college in general, but when you have something to actually put it in (rather than being tempted in your bank account), you may excel in getting a head start with your finances and paying off loans or credit cards. This is where having a good safe for form room comes in handy.

Before we head off into the types of safes and then reviews, you should also think of creative ways that a safe can help you in college. If you want to study and get work done, but your phone just isn’t letting you, you can put your phone on silent and in the safe until you’re finishing studying for finals. Having a party? You could also store your important items in here until everyone has dispersed from your suite or your floor.

What Kind of Safe for a College Dorm?

Unless you have a suite with others, and can afford a luxurious room, you probably won’t care about the safe size; however, most that are trying to keep their items safe are ones that can’t afford to replace easily and splurge on a suite. Dorm rooms are the most practical and most commonly used rooms within a college campus, and you may not be able to invest in a safe as large as you think.

While you may have gotten lucky and scored a generously large room, most college go-ers unfortunately have cramped rooms and a messy roommate (who knows – you might be the messy roommate!) There are a few types of locking styles that include:

Combination safe: There are two different types of combination locks you may see – and that’s the traditional combination lock, and those that use a combination of locking styles for optimal ease of use and security.

Lock and key safe: The lock and key style of safe is a traditional way of storing and keeping your things away from those you don’t want using them. Using a lock and key for operation, this is one of the more simple and efficient locking mechanisms.

Biometric safe: A biometric safe goes a step further, and includes a pad for fingerprint identification – unless you’re drunk/passed out and your roommate drags you and your finger to the safe, they aren’t getting in.

Digital safe: Lastly, a digital safe is one that uses a pin code of some sort to open it up. If you have any smart hackers in your dorm, beware of this style.

Best Places for Your Safe in Your Dorm

One of the more notorious places to put your safe in your dorm room is under your bed. Many colleges across the nation use captain’s beds, or a bunk bed version using captain’s beds. Since they are so inexpensive and colleges can usually get them in bulk, you’re able to store a lot of items underneath. Not only can you store your safe under here, but you can put things in front of it to ensure that it isn’t outright seen when someone walks in and catches a glance of the underneath of your bed.

There are also some dorm rooms that have lockers within the room for even more storage. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these rooms, you’re able to make sure you can double up on security measures and various combinations. Putting one combination on the first locker door, and then an entirely different one on the safe, you can ensure yourself that you won’t be having any successful burglary attempts. While it may be an obvious place to store your valuables, having the double locking mechanism (such as a combination lock on the front, and a biometric on your safe) can definitely lift a weight off your shoulders and help you sleep at night.

Depending on the style of bureau or the of size of safe you’re looking for, you may be able to find a small one for your nightstand or bureau. We aren’t saying to place it on top in front of everyone; we’re talking about finding one that fits within your drawers so that you can efficiently hide your valuable items while storing your clothes. Hiding underneath your underwear may combat your “I’m going to wear your clothes” dorm mate. After all, if your dorm mate is taking your underwear, there’s a serious sanitary or possibly creepy issue going on and you should sit down and have a talk with them – In return, this is most likely the best drawer to put it in to ensure that it’s not going to be tampered with.

The Best College Dorm Safe Reviews

ECR4Kids Lock and Roll Under Bed Personal Safe

Those who want something efficient in terms of removing items and placing items in will want this under-bed rolling safe. Easy to move, features include the following:

  • Container that’s lockable
  • Low profile
  • Ideal for dorms, vacation homes, RV’s and more
  • Steel cable to secure
  • Capacity

The Breakdown of the Features

Even if you don’t have a captain’s bed, you may still have some room underneath your bed for storage. If this is the case, you’ll want to indulge in the inexpensive, low-profile personal safe that slides right under your bed thanks to the trusty wheels. With a 50lb. capacity, and a steel cable for safely securing, the aforementioned is perfected for RV’s, traveling, and most importantly – dorm rooms.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the advantages of this product is that you’re able to roll this under your bed, and you don’t have to push it in order to get it under. With a capacity of 50lbs. on the wheels, you’re able to move your stuff in and out with ease.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t too many disadvantages other than you not having a deep safe. While dorm rooms don’t typically have enough room for a deeper safe, we don’t see the aforementioned as a true disadvantage.

AmazonBasics Security Safe

If you want something directly from Amazon, a multi-billion dollar corporation, you’ll want to invest in an affordable security safe from them as a manufacturer. Features include the following:

  • Electronic lock, emergency override keys included
  • Shelving inside
  • Reprogrammable access (digital)
  • Four bolts for floor and wall mounting (or shelf)
  • Composed out of steel

The Breakdown of the Features

If you’re looking for something that provides an electronic locking system, there are two emergency keys included just in case something happens or if you don’t have batteries equipped. Composed of steel and measuring 0.5 cubic feet, you can also get this safe in two larger sizes for optimal usage. There are bolts for floor, shelf, and wall mounting, and there are live door bolts to protect against someone prying in.

The Advantages of the Product

With the inclusion of two keys, you can either share this safe with your best friend or make sure you have extras to get into your safe when the batteries die and you need something out ASAP.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t many disadvantages, but it’s worth noting that this safe is neither fireproof nor waterproof, and you’ll have to purchase four AA batteries before using (unless you’re strictly using the key to unlock).

Sentry Safe X105 Electronic Lock Safe

Manufactured by SentrySafe, this affordable and efficient dorm room safe comes in an array of sizes and uses a locking pad mechanism. Other features include the following:

  • Bolt-down has power access
  • Shelf is removable for laptop fitting
  • Battery operated safe
  • 2 override keys included, bolt down kit and hardware, live-locking bolts

The Breakdown of the Features

Featuring 2 override keys for opening without the keypad, you also get to take advantage of live-locking bolts to combat burglars, as well as a removable shelf to place your laptop in there when you’re not using. The bolt-down aspect also has power access, and you can purchase this safe in a variety of sizes from 0.4 cubic feet to 1.2-cub feet total.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the favorite features of this safe is that there are live-locking bolts to prevent someone from prying in successfully. The aforementioned ensures that the hinges are sealed and cannot be pried into.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t any true disadvantages, as you can purchase a larger size, and can override the digital lock pad with keys; however, you will have to purchase AA batteries before using the battery powered locking key pad.

Stack-On PS-1508 Extra Wide Safe, Strong Box, Electronic

Next on our list is an electronic “strong box” manufactured by Stack-On. Features of the aforementioned include the following:

  • Extra-wide opening, can store laptops
  • Live action steel locking bolts
  • Concealed hinges
  • Programmed lock is easy to use
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting

The Breakdown of the Features

Equipped with concealed hinges to combat those prying, you’ll also be able to make use of steel locking bolts that are live to combat anyone who is able to find something small enough to pry the narrow seams. Beyond this, those that want to mount this extra-wide safe can do so with the pre-drilled holes. The electronic lock is also easy to program.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the best advantages of this product is that there is an auto-locking system for someone that messes up your code 3 times. If it’s a drunk you – you’ll want this safe to keep your items secure while you have a bit of college fun; but if it’s not you, you’ll be thanking Stack-On for keeping your valuables safe.

The Disadvantages of the Product

If you forget your code after a long time of not using, and you don’t remember, you’ll be locked out after the third time.

Honeywell 5105 Low Profile Steel Safe, 1 cubic feet

Next on our list is a safe from a reliable brand named Honeywell. Inexpensive in price and boasting a number of features, these features include:

  • LED readout
  • Door locks that are motorized
  • Concealed hinges
  • Recessed door
  • Live-lock bolts

The Breakdown of the Features

If you’re concerned about someone prying into your safe, you don’t have to worry with this Honeywell security safe. The aforementioned safe not only has concealed hinges and a recessed door to combat any type of prying, but there are also live-lock bolts for those that somehow are able to pry into it, and combat them from successfully doing so.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the advantages that’s often dug about this safe is the recessed door. While some have a door that features concealed hinges, there aren’t many we’ve mentioned that take this even further to recess the door.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t many disadvantages, but if you need something with more than a cubic feet of storage, you’ll need to buy elsewhere, as this model only comes in one size.

Wilson Dorm Safe

One of the only ones on this list to actually call itself a “dorm safe”, you’re going to love the basic but useful features the Wilson Dorm Safe has to offer. These features include:

  • Can fit a laptop, ideal for dorms
  • Perfect for cameras, laptops, cash, and your phone
  • Equipped with an electronic lock that’s easy to use

The Breakdown of the Features

Those that want to store their camera, whether a point and shoot or DSLR, can do so with ease in this generic dorm safe. It is one of the best dorm safes out there. Featuring enough space for a laptop, too, you can secure your most valuable college items with ease.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the biggest advantages is that you can fit an entire laptop, but for those art school kids, you’re also able to fit your drawing tablets, cameras, or other valuable art equipment.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The electronic lock is great, but there isn’t any area to use override keys (nor are there any included).

The Final Verdict

If you’ve spotted a safe on this list that’s the best for the size and storage options you may have, we highly suggest investing in one. From hiding phones in there while you’re drunk or trying to study, to hiding your money so you can actually safe up for important things, a safe is considered a dorm room essential. There are hundreds (or possibly even thousands) living in the dorms around you, and it’s always okay to take that extra step for safety. While you can trust your friends, you definitely can’t trust every single person around you, and it’s always good to put your safety and peace of mind before your newly made dorm mates. You don’t know the truth about someone until it comes out, and while most people are okay – there will be some that you run into that just aren’t your cup of tea.

Beyond this, you can begin saving for a contingency plan for if your car breaks down, or if you simply want to hide Christmas presents – although, we don’t’ suggest buying a safe strictly for Christmas present hiding, but it’s yet another task that you can accomplish with a good dorm safe for college. We understand that college kids aren’t made of money and may have no financial connection to their parents, which is why we’ve included some dorm safes that are affordability and reliability all wrapped up into one. Speaking of, it’s essential to define your budget and research the features you get for the price. If the items you want to store are of high value, you may want to splurge a little bit in terms of how safe it’s going to keep your items. Whether it’s a biometric lock for optimal high-tech safety, or you’re looking for something that can be opened up with a number combination of your choice, the lock and materials of the safe are key in a successful safe. There are some safes that provide anti-burglary mechanisms to ensure optimal safety and insurance. We wish you good luck, not only in college, but in finding a good form safe for college!