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Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe (AMSW592216) in Review

Steelwater Heavy Duty AMSW592216 tossthekey

The Steelwater Heavy Duty AMSW592216 gun safe is a great choice for people looking to secure their firearms at home. With a 16 Long Gun capacity, it will fit almost every average gun collection out there.

Steelwater AMSW592216 specifications

The exterior dimensions measure in at 59”H x 28”W x 18”D. This safe is compact enough to be stored in tight spaces. Although it is large enough to probably fit all of your guns and other valuables.

The safe is constructed with 12 Gauge Steel. The door is 4 3/4″ thick, and features a heat activated, expandable door seal. This is designed to not only keep out fires, but water as well.  The safe has been tested and proven to withstand heat up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. According to a quick Google search, the average house fire is around 1100 Fahrenheit.

The Steelwater AMSW592216 is 351 pounds, not possible for one man to move it with ease. But still light enough that a group of men could handle the task and take it. To counter this, Steelwater has implemented 4, pre-drilled, ½” diameter anchor holes. Allowing you to easily bolt the safe to the floor. Render any attempt to move it useless.

The 9, 1″ diameter solid locking bolts will be more than enough to keep the safe secure. Like most safe it comes with a drill and ballistic resistant hard plate. These protect the lock and any other vulnerable areas. There are five bolts that run along the outside edge of the door. Three that run along the hinge side of the door, and one on the top of the door.

The lock is a polished, chrome, digital keypad which includes a back up key. The lock is programmable allowing for two user codes. The lock does require a 9-volt battery. Keep this in mind.

The inside of the safe

On average, owners have found they can comfortably fit between 8 – 10 long guns in the Steelwater AMSW592216. Steelwater employees have stated that you can fit approximately 6 – 8 guns on one side, and 6 – 8 on the other. The number of guns you can fit will depend on whether or not you have scopes or attachments on your firearms.

The interior is fully upholstered and separated into two sections. The unit also comes with four shelves that are completely adjustable. Allowing you to customize the inside of your safe to fit all of your firearms & other equipment.

There is currently no outlet on the interior of the safe which means there is no option for plugging in a dehumidifier. You can use a silica gel dry pack if it is rechargeable.

Other perks & benefits

When moving your safe the door can be pulled from the hinges – this makes moving the safe easier. The door weights approximately 150 lbs. Keep this in mind when you go to move it. If are you looking to put the safe in tight quarters, be sure to account for 3 additional inches from the handle.

The Steelwater AMSW592216 comes with a Lifetime Fire & Burglary Warranty. Should the safe suffer any damage to do fire or an attack, Steelwater will replace the safe. The owner will not be covered if the safe was not bolted down to the floor at the time of the damage. Keep in this mind and make sure you bolt the safe to the flat surface it sits on.