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Understanding the Importance of Gun Safe Doors

If you think about it, the door on your gun safe is the most important piece. It is the door that must be the most secure part of the safe. Often, safe manufacturers will put the most effort into the gun safe door to ensure that should somebody try and break into one they will be unsuccessful.

The main point of the door is preventing a gun owner from having their guns being stolen. It also allows the manufacturers to make sure that you do not run into any problems regarding warranty. A gun safe with a properly made door will never result in the manufacturer having to replace somebody’s firearms.

When you’re shopping for gun safes, it can be confusing. To find the gun safe that is best for you because if you do not know what to look for in a gun safe door, then might not know what to buy.

This is why we will be breaking it down today and ensuring you do not make any mistakes when purchasing a new gun safe.

Thickness does not determine strength

While you are looking around for a new gun safe, keep in mind that thickness does not always determine strength. A solid steel door is better than a composite door. This is because steel is overall more resistant to power tools and has a better density than any kind of composite door.

The best door that you want to get for yourself is a plate door with a solid outer steel sheet. Make sure you look inside of the gun safe itself and see whether or not the door is secure. Check and make sure that where the bolts of the safe go are secure as well.

Can You Fit a Pry Bar Between the Door and Wall? Yes? Keep Looking

A lot of gun safes on the market will come with gaps in between the door and the safe. Wide enough to fit any kind of prying tool in between it. If this is the case for the safe that you are looking at, then you should keep looking. Why would you want to give the burglars or any other thieves trying to get into your safe a good chance it opening it? A gap gives them this advantage.

The smaller the gap, the harder it is to open it with some kind of tool. A door that fits snug into the safe itself also means that the gun safe is made with precision cuts. If it can fit with less than 1/16 of an inch, then that means the cuts were cut with precision, and it was well assembled. All the more reason to purchase it and to believe that it will be a great protector of your guns.

Make sure you take a look into recessed doors as well. A recessed door with a small gap is the ultimate combination in preventing people from breaking into your safe.

Focus on external hinges for ease-of-use

Internal hinges are not the way to go for most people. Internal hinges will only allow you to open your gun safe door to a maximum of 90°. This is not a good way to go and can result in some frustration.

Internal hinges will sometimes mean that the fire resistant material on the internal part of the safe has been cut away to make way for the hinges. This makes your safe more vulnerable to flames and does not create a solid unit.

Keep in mind that you also need to make sure the safe has locking bolts on the inside of the safe. The hinges alone are not going to protect you very much from any kind of burglar. If anything they will not protect you at all. This means that there needs to be locking bolts in place on the inside to prevent a burglar from exploiting weak hinges. Keep this in mind when you’re looking around.

There are many reasons why external hinges are prominent and why you should be looking for them. Here are a few reasons for you to look into:

  • Ease-Of-Use – You will be able to swing the door open a full 180°.
  • Able to Be Adjusted – Since they’re on the outside, should your safe become unaligned you will be able to work on it and fix the problem.
  • Able to Remove the Door – You will be able to remove the door should you be moving the safe around. This makes a safe lighter and easier to move.
  • Burglar Prevention – If there are locking bolts inside of the gun safe on the hinge side, burglars may waste time trying to cut off the hinges and end up unsuccessful.

The door needs to be properly sealed – Very important!

The reason why we stress that you buy a high-end gun safe from any reputable gun safe manufacturer is because often the lower end safes will not come with proper door sealing. Door sealing is very important in the overall make of the safe.

If you are somebody who is worried about humidification inside of the safe, then you’re going to want to worry about door sealing. If the door does not seal property, it allows outside air to get inside the safe and potentially wreak havoc on your guns and any other kind of accessories you have stored away. Without a proper sealing, you cannot hold it at a constant humidity level.

In the event of a fire, not having proper door sealing can result in extremely hot gases and smoke getting inside of safe. This will destroy any kind of paper, wood or even different types of metals. It only takes a few minutes for the safe to become extremely hot when flames are only a couple feet away. Without proper door sealing, you can kiss your gun collection goodbye.

Heat expanding sealing is the product you want. Some of the sealing products will expand up to 7X the amount in the event that it is heated up. This will prevent any kind of heat, gases or water from firefighters getting inside your safe.

For gun safe door sealing we recommend any Palusol door sealing products.