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Does a Toolbox Work Better Than a Cheap Gun Safe?

Living in a well-protected neighborhood or one that has low crime can make it difficult for you to justify spending hundreds or even thousands on a sophisticated gun safe. A lot of the time, people that are living in affluent neighborhoods are just looking to keep their guns out of their children’s hands. Or they are looking to hide them because either state laws say they must keep them locked away, or they don’t want their guns in plain sight.

You can never be sure who is going to be coming into your home. Like us, you’d cut rather not risk having the wrong person realize that you have a valuable guns stashed away.

There is no perfect way of dealing with this situation because at the end of the day, buying a fully loaded gun safe is extremely difficult to argue against. Not only that, but buying a great gun safe it is what we recommend. If you have the funds, you should definitely not cut any corners when protecting your guns.

We strongly recommend that you never purchase a gun safe just because it is cheap. Cheaply made gun safes are poorly made and are a beautiful sight to any kind of burglar. Cheap gun safes have proven to not even be able to stop children from breaking into them. Just another grave argument against them.

Buy a toolbox, rather than a cheap and safe

This method of protecting your guns may seem out of this world to some people, but anybody who is ever loaded up a toolbox understands that these units are heavy-duty. You can leave them in the back of your truck for months or even years, and they will go on undamaged. This is a great alternative to gun safes and is also a cost-effective way.

The reason why they these toolboxes are cheaper is because they are not meant to be a pretty sight like some gun safes. They are meant to fulfill a single need which is generally holding tools and nothing else. They are built to last anything thrown their way.

Although we recommend this as a cheaper alternative, remember that toolboxes can also be a jackpot to a burglar. They may think there’s tools in their which are equally as valuable as firearms. This means that it is extremely important that you chain or bolt down the toolbox. It’s even better to hide it using the hitting gun theory. This is something that is important to remember, and you should take some time picking out a good hiding spot. Either in your garage or somewhere in your home.

The bonus to this is that while burglars may think there’s tools in there, they will not think there’s firearms in there. Unless they have robbed somebody who has the same idea of holding their firearms in a toolbox. The reason why firearms are more valuable to a burglar then tools is because generally, it is very easy to sell firearms to anybody. In the US alone almost half a billion guns are in this country.

But not everybody isn’t into tools; only people who are into building stuff or need the tools for their job.

More than one use to a toolbox

Every guy has a use for tools at some point in their life. If you only own a single rifle, then this can be a great fit. Alongside your rifle, you can store your tools right beside it. And if you become a firearm enthusiast and decide to expand your collection as the years go on, you can buy a gun safe and use the toolbox to hold your ammunition and other accessories.

Toolboxes, much like guns, hold their value for many years. There is always somebody looking for a used toolbox. So if you decide 5, 10 or however many years down the road that you no longer need the toolbox, you will have a very easy time selling. Just simply posting it on a site like Craigslist or to a local buy and sell group on Facebook. Both of these sites will have you receiving offers very quickly. These things are worth their weight in gold.