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Best Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

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What are biometric gun safes?

To find the best biometric gun safe we have to first know what they are. Biometric gun safes, also commonly known as fingerprint gun safes, are designed using state of the art technology. Biometric technology uses physical traits to identify a person. Whether it be facial recognition, eye scans, or, in this case, fingerprint identification.

The theory behind this technology is there is always a chance someone could find out your combination, but they will never be able to imitate the physical features that define you as a human. With the simple swipe of your finger, you’ll have quick and easy access to the contents of your safe. Whether you’ve got your safe at home, in the office or in your car. You can fully assured knowing your contents will be held safe and secure. You will also have the benefit of opening your safe quickly, if necessary, without fumbling with keys or combinations.

Because they’re used in a variety of places, biometric gun safes are made in a number of different sizes. In terms of keeping your weapons and other items securely locked away, a biometric safe is one of the best options. You, essentially, are the only one with the right combination needed to open the safe. So, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing no one else can figure out your combination or pick your lock.

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The two different biometric gun safe builds

A biometric safe is one of the better options for gun safes on the market. There are a few different types of these for you to choose from. The overall design and purpose of a fingerprint gun safe is the same as any other safe. Which is to keep your firearms locked up and secure. Each kind of safe is designed to accommodate different types of guns, and to fit into different places. Depending on where you plan on storing your safe.

Biometric rifle safe

A rifle safe is created to be tall and slim in order to fit long rifles. They are typically made with notched racks to hold your rifles upright, keep them organized and make it easier to access them once the safe is open. This is the best biometric gun safe for longer guns or guns with scopes.

Due to their slim nature, it is important that you take advantage of the pre-drilled anchor holes in your safe. This will ensure that you will not have any event of the safe falling over.

 BARSKA | Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeBARSKA | Large Biometric Rifle SafeBARSKA | Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe
view on amazon black tossthekeyview on amazon black tossthekeyview on amazon black tossthekey
BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe tossthekeyBarska Large Biometric Rifle Safe tossthekeyBarska Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe
Weight65 lbs114 lbs139 lbs
Dimensions8.66" x 52.17" x 9.84"14" x 57" x 14"57" x 16" x 19.75"
Number of ShelvesOneThreeTwo
Safe TypeBiometric Fingerprint
Biometric FingerprintBiometric Fingerprint

Biometric pistol safe

The design of a pistol safe is smaller, more discrete and easily portable. Making it the best choice for your smaller firearms. They are also designed with anchor bolts, should you want to secure it to your floor or wall.

Their small size allows you to put them in places larger safes just can’t go. Such as in a desk, under a night stand, under a bed or in a car.

 LockSafe Biometric Pistol SafeSentrySafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe
view on amazon white tossthekeyview on amazon white tossthekey
LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe tossthekeysentrysafe-biometric-quick-access-pistol-safe-tossthekey
Weight22 pounds12.9 pounds
Dimensions13.98" x 10.24" x 4.57"9.7" x 6.6" x 2.2"

Pro’s of biometric gun safes

Using state of the art fingerprint coding, your personal biometric safe cannot be opened without your own hand. That means, there’s no key to lose, no code to crack and no lock to pick. You’re the absolute only person who can open your safe.

Just that feature will give you the peace of mind. Knowing you’ll never have to worry about anyone else opening your safe and getting its contents. Your fingerprint ‘combination’ can never be duplicated.

And, because you’re using your fingerprint to open your safe, you won’t be clumsily trying to unlock it with a combination. Especially if you’re in a hurry. You’ll never forget your combination either. It’s right there on your hand, and it can’t be duplicated. It makes opening your safe quick and easy.

Of course, like all other safes, a biometric gun safe is designed to keep your items secure from any unwanted access. Pre-drilled anchor holes allow your safe to be bolted right to the floor or the wall, so they can’t be moved. Deadbolt locks and solid steel construction gives you a durable safe that makes it virtually pry-resistant.

When looking for top of the line biometric gun safe, it’s a great idea to look at the different features each safe offers. And to look at what others who have already bought and used the safe have to say. Here are a few biometric gun safe reviews of different options to help you decide which will be the best fit for you and your guns.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeBarska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

This Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is a great option for storing your firearms, as well as your other valuables. It is also one of the better gun safes for the money.

It’s made with pre-drilled anchor holes, so you can fix it right to the floor or to the wall. Allowing zero possibility of it being moved anywhere. This safe is designed to accommodate 3 rifles standing up. Plus is also has a removable shelf for your smaller firearms, ammunition or other items.

The biometric technology can be set to store up to 120 different user identities. This is a great feature if you want to allow others access to your firearms, should you not be present when they’re needed.

Should you need to get into your safe quickly, this safe is equipped with the fingerprint technology that will allow you to access your firearms within seconds. The 3-point manual deadbolt locking system built into this safe can quickly be opened with a single turning motion.

Each one of these safes comes with a set of back-up keys and the mounting hardware needed to secure it to your floor or wall. The fingerprint scanner is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are included. These batteries alone should give you about 2 years of use. If you start hearing 3 repetitive beeps and the indicator light is flashing red, it’s time to change your batteries.

Barska Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Extra Large SafeAlso capable of recording up to 120 different user identities through its state-of-the-art
fingerprint technology is the Barska Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe. Which is easily the top gun safe on the market.

A five point deadbolt system keeps the door securely shut. While inside, it can house several thousand rounds of ammo, 6 rifles and 12 handguns.

This is  the largest biometric safe made to date. A lot of gun owners love this one because of how big it is, and how many guns can be stored inside.

Not only does the safe securely store your firearms, but it also instantly opens in case of emergency.

Simply –

  1. Push the power button
  2. Scan your fingerprint
  3. Turn the handle

No need to worry about punching in a combination, or turning a dial to the precise numbers. It also has a silent access mode feature, so you can open your safe without a sound.
The interior of the safe is fully lined with a soft, protective material. Included is 16 notch, removable position rack keeps your items well organized. There are also removable storage shelves which can give you even more organization. Or, if removed, allow you to store longer scoped rifles. In the case that your batteries may die before you’ve had a chance to replace them, the safe comes with keys for backup

For added security, 6 pre-drilled anchor holes and the included mounting hardware allow you to fix your safe right into the wall or floor. Allowing you to rest easy knowing it’s not going to be moved anywhere.

LockSafe Biometric Pistol SafeLockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe

The smaller, more compact LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe weighs just 22 lbs and is made from 9 gauge steel.

It’s small enough that you can discreetly keep it nearly anywhere, and is one of the more cheap gun safes. Should you want to anchor it down, the four pre-drilled mounting holes let you bolt it down securely, so it won’t go anywhere.

If you’re planning on keeping your safe somewhere that won’t allow you to anchor it down with bolts, such as your vehicle, you can use the pre-drilled holes to run a cable through it and tether it down.

You can store up to 10 fingerprints to allow access to different users. One user of this safe recommends programming one fingerprint from each of your hands. As well as fingerprints for anyone else you want to have access, in the case of an emergency.

It’s made for quick and easy access to your firearms and valuables, and it’s simple to program and use. In addition, all it takes is a single press of a button and your fingerprint scan to open. User reviews state that it can be opened in less than 3 seconds. The foam padded interior keeps everything inside safe and secure, and each safe comes with a 30 day customer guarantee and a 1 year limited warranty.

In terms of cost and security, it is one of the best investments you can make when looking to protect your hand guns. If you need to store smaller firearms in a more discreet manner, this compact, yet highly secure, this safe could be the best option for you.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

One of the top quick access pistol safes, the SentrySafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe is a sure fire bet for anyone. From one of the most trusted names in the business, provides you safe, secure storage for your firearms. As well as fast and silent access. If it’s the fast, single-handed access you’re looking for, this is probably the best option for you. The safe can accommodate a full sized, semi-automatic handgun as well as a J & K size revolver.

It allows you to program two fingerprints, as well as a combination for alternate entry. Unlike other biometric safes, you will not have to press the power button before scanning your fingerprint. Simply by placing your fingerprint on the scanning pad, the reading mechanism will be activated and will instantly open your safe.

A whisper quiet gas strut opens the lid quickly, and gives you single-handed access to your firearms. When seconds count, this could make all the difference. Single handed entry also allows you to be dialing 911 with one hand, while opening your safe with the other.

The pry-resistant lid and 12 gauge solid steel construction means your firearms will be protected from unwanted entry. This safe is designed for the quickest and quietest entry to your guns. There is absolutely no audible feedback on the programmable digital keypad. Unlike other safes with loud mechanisms and noisy clanging bolts, this safe is absolutely silent. It also allows you to access the contents through multiple ways. Giving you the peace of mind that during an emergency, you’ll have quick access to your guns no matter what. This quick access safe is the best option for the quiet and fast single-handed access to your firearms.

Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe – The Best Biometric Gun SafeBarska Large Biometric Rifle Safe - Best biometric gun safe

With the Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe, gaining access to your firearms and other items is simple and fast.

Press the power button, swipe your fingerprint and turn the handle.

The revolutionary biometric technology is able to store fingerprints from up to 120 different users. The five point deadbolt locking system secures your safe from any unwarranted access.

Inside this large safe, a 12 position removable rack helps organize everything. On the inside of your door, there’s a removable storage rack for even more organization and storage. To prevent your firearms and other valuables from being scratched or damaged, a soft material fully lines the interior.

Six mounting holes lets you anchor your safe right to the wall or floor permanently, ensuring it won’t move anywhere.

If the batteries on your safe should fail, the safe comes with backup keys so you can still access your items and replace your batteries.

With this unit not being to small, or to large, we have decided for most people this will be the best option. For us at TossTheKey, this is the best biometric gun safe of 2016.

Keep it simple and within your budget

The state of the art biometric technology utilized in the design of these gun safes gives you the quick and easy access you want to your firearms, when you need them fast. Without having to fumble with keys or combinations, you’ll be able to open your biometric gun safe quickly and easily. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that you cannot lose your keys or have them duplicated. Only the individual fingerprints programmed to open your safe will allow you to gain access.

When seconds count in an emergency, the last thing you will want to be doing is trying to remember a combination. A simple finger scan opens your safe and within seconds you’ll have your firearm in your hands. Constructed with the same heavy duty steel and deadbolt locking systems as other safes, you can rest assured knowing your guns and other valuables are well protected in your biometric gun safe. Determine what types of guns you will need to store in your safe and where you will want to place your safe, before you decide which unit you will be sinking your money into.

It’s not always about the cost. Cheap gun safes might look appealing, but may not provide the quality you need. Look at it as an investment to protect your other expensive investments. Look at the features that each safe provides, including the various storage options. Should you want to keep things besides your firearms in the safe. Take a look at biometric gun safe reviews that we at TossTheKey have written. We’ve spent a lot of time compiling results and deciding on what are the better units the market has to offer.

In the end, what works for one person’s needs may not necessarily work for someone else. So you should take all of these factors into consideration when deciding on the best biometric gun safe that’s perfect for you.